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Forest industries hail new program to make the Limestone Coast the most connected up region in the nation 

The South East is set to officially become the most connected up region in the nation, with thanks to the State Government, the majority of the Local Governments in the Limestone Coast, Telstra and the forest industries who are working together to deliver a regional connectivity program.  

“Black spots will soon be a thing of the past due to this co-investment, and the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA) is excited for the future, as connectivity will deliver digital solutions for our industry and the regional communities in the South East”, said Ms Tammy Auld, Chair of the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA). 

“Better connectivity improves regional equity, drives productivity and increases the resilience of communication services and public safety.  This investment is bridging the gap between metropolitan and regional South Australia, and it will drive economic growth, social equity and ensure everyone in our regions has access to information and digital opportunities”, said Ms Auld. 

“For forestry, connectivity and quick access to data will not just improve the productivity levels of forest and timber industries but will drive the next generation of technological advancement, whether that be autonomous vehicles, better mapping our estate, improved fire detection, increased domestic manufacturing or most importantly safer outcomes for our thousands of employees who work in the forests”, continued Ms Auld.  

“And for our community, connectivity will bring confidence to the residents, workers and tourists in the Limestone Coast, as it will vastly improve their way of life from health services, education, safety in the region, accessing information, connecting with family and friends, or even just for entertainment”, said Ms Auld.  

“The forest industries are grateful for the investment and the advocacy of the State Government, namely the Minister for Primary Industries The Honourable Clare Scriven, MLC, as connectivity will enhance the productivity and connection of the South East, bringing new investments and opportunities to the region. 

“The delivery of this Regional Connectivity Program will be a game-changer for the Limestone Coast region and will make the region a beacon for population and tourism growth as we know people don’t go where they cannot get connection”, Ms Auld concluded. 


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