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Forestry is the key to fight climate change, says IPCC

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed overnight that sustainable forestry, along with sustainably produced forest products, are the solution to addressing climate change.  

“Trees are nature’s technology to combat climate change through the process of photosynthesis, and throughout history our forestry sector has been implementing policies and practices to execute a carbon-neutral industry, not only for forestry, but for other commodities as well”, said Mr Nathan Paine, Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA).  

“A number of these policy items include planting more trees in the ground, halting the loss of our plantation estates due to economic or environmental factors, and establishing partnerships with other commodity groups that generates a net-zero economy”, continued Mr Paine.  

“South Australia’s forests, particularly in the Green Triangle, is Australia’s premier plantation of forestry and wood products, and delivering more wood product markets than any other region – meaning, our sustainably grown and managed forests have the potential to lead the nation, and the world, to combat climate change and decarbonize our economy”, said Mr Paine.  

The IPCC’s AR6 Synthesis Report cites agroforestry, farm and landscape level diversification in agriculture, improved forest management and sustainable forest products being used instead of more greenhouse gas intensive products, as adaption options to fight climate change.   

With today marking International Day of the Forests, with the theme “Forests and Health”, it is a timely reminder that South Australia needs a vibrant, well-supported and robust forestry industry to deliver the State Government’s emissions reduction targets.   

 “South Australia is a world leader in sustainable plantation forest management and our industry is a world leader in manufacturing forest products”, Mr Paine stated. 

“With global demand for timber and wood-fibre increasing, we have once in a generation opportunity to not only help South Australia and Australia reduce its emissions and meet targets through forestry and forest products, but also lead the world”, concluded Mr Paine.  

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