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National Forestry Day shines a light on the importance of the forest industries to the way we live  

South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA) acknowledges the importance of celebrating National Forestry Day this Tuesday, 22nd August – an industry that builds a nation. 
National Forestry Day is an initiative of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) and state-based advocacy associations to raise awareness of the forest industries contribution to our national and state economies and communities. 
“Our nation is built on forestry! Our homes and offices are full of forest products. From the house-frame in the walls and roof, to the timber floors and benchtops, right through to paper in the printer and toilet paper in the bathroom, we cannot live without forestry”, said Mr Nathan Paine, Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA).  
“Australia’s forest industries also contribute to the fight against climate change, with our trees absorbing carbon as they grow and locking it up in the products that are made”, continued Mr Paine.  
In South Australia, our forest industries are an important commodity for our regional communities, economically, socially and environmentally. Here are some quick facts about the importance of our industry:  

  • Almost $3 billion directly contributed to the South Australian economy each year, 
  • Over 21,300 South Australians employed directly and indirectly, 
  • 35% of Australia’s locally produced house framing and interior sawnwood, 
  • 25% of the nation’s particleboard, 
  • 48% of the packaging and industrial grade timber, 
  • 60% of Australia’s agricultural timbers; such as poles, posts and fencing products that keeps our agriculture and horticulture going, 
  • 25% of Australia’s compost and growth medium that puts food on the nation’s table, and 
  • 4.64 million tonnes of CO2e is sequestered each year from the atmosphere creating a cleaner and greener. 

“Forestry is one the oldest professions in South Australia, and with 140 years of innovation and experience in producing world renowned wood-fibre products, SAFPA are determined to build on forestry’s historic reputation and supercharge the industry for generations to come”, concluded Mr Paine.  


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