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Shortage of Timber Pallets put Christmas Lunch at Risk

Timber pallet shortages is just another reason we need immediate action to secure more trees in the ground.

“Australia’s consumer goods supply chain is reporting a shortage of timber pallets which can jeopardise the transportation of critical consumer goods, from food to electronics,” said Nathan Paine, CEO of South Australian Forest Products Association.

“Without our timber pallets, everyday life would stall, for example supermarket shelves wouldn’t be stocked, our beverages wouldn’t be available to purchase, retailers wouldn’t be able to sell their latest items. All in all, our Christmas festivities would look very different,” continued Mr Paine.

“Forest product industries are essential to everyday life, and in South Australia we manufacture timber pallets from softwood timbers which is a cost effective and carbon friendly means of transporting goods throughout Australia’s logistics supply chains.

“Our timber pallets in fact support all but a small percentage of movements of foods and other vital supplies through Australia’s major supermarket retailers like Coles, Woolworths, ALDI, IGA and Costco,” said Mr Paine.

Nationally, we produce over two million pallets each year to support movement in Australia’s food supply chain, yet all evidence is pointing towards pallet shortages impacting Christmas through limiting consumer goods and supplies.

“The way to future-proof timber pallets can only be met by putting in place policies that grow Australia’s plantation estate so our forest industries can continue to manufacture essential products like timber pallets, as well as house frames to tissues to compost.”

“SAFPA is committed to working with the federal and state governments to ensure the national goal of planting 1 billion more trees by 2030 is achieved,” Mr Paine concluded.

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