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Telstra Tower now switched-on connecting communities

The switching on today of a new co-funded Telstra Tower at Glenburnie is a big step forward in connecting communities in the South East, according to the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA).

South Australian Forest Products Association CEO, Nathan Paine, said this project is a great example of how State Government with Telstra and local government can work together to deliver connectivity outcomes that will deliver for the community.

“Connectivity in the modern age is critical to all aspects of life, whether it is health, education, accessing information, connecting with our family and friends or even just for entertainment. Our community craves connection, and this new tower will go a long way in delivering that outcome,” Mr Paine said.

“SAFPA congratulates the South Australian Government and the District Council of Grant for providing the much-needed co-investment in this project, without which the tower would not have been achieved.

“As an industry, forestry is engaging with Telstra to better communicate our connectivity and data issues with the joint goal to develop an ambitious plan to make the South East the most connected region in the nation.

“Connectivity and quick access to data will not just benefit the wider community but will drive the next generation of technological advancement, whether that be autonomous vehicles, better mapping our estate, improved fire detection or increased domestic manufacturing to name just a few.”

“The good news is that Telstra has been working with SAFPA and other stakeholders to understand the issues with a commitment to working in partnership to find solutions,” Mr Paine concluded.


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