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Christmas without Wood Products

Christmas without wood products would not be Christmas like we know it.  

“South Australian’s might be surprised just how much forest and timber products influence and impact Christmas – from trees to decorations to the delivery of consumer goods, wood products are the unrecognised platform for our Christmas festivities”, said Mr Nathan Paine, Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA). 

“As an example, our timber pallets transport all consumer goods to supermarkets and retail outlets, mulch and potting mix nurture the growth of our vegetables ready for roasting, our online deliveries are protected by recyclable cardboard boxes, gifts are wrapped in wrapping paper, christmas cards to our loved ones are made from our trees, our turkeys are hatched on sawdust and pointing out the obvious, wooden decorations and pine trees are the hallmark imagery of a festive Christmas”, continued Mr Paine.  

“Forest and timber-based products are all around us, they are embedded in our everyday lives, and without our forest and timber industries, our Christmas’, and life in general, would look very different”, said Mr Paine.  

“This year, I encourage South Australians to look within their homes at the wood-based products that help them and their families celebrate Christmas.  It illustrates just how essential our forest and timber industries are, and why we need more plantation estates, which will sequester more carbon from our atmosphere and invest in the sector to ensure forestry remains robust and resilient”, said Mr Paine.  

“Every year, the demand for wood-based products is growing and with our nation becoming increasingly reliant on wood imports, we need to ensure Australia’s forest and timber businesses continue to be resourceful, meaning we need to plant more trees” said Mr Paine.  

“SAFPA is committed to working with the federal and state governments to future proof our forest and timber industries, and to ensure our everyday life and festive celebrations are supported by economically and environmentally sustainable wood products”, concluded Mr Paine.  


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