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Amongst the Trees Podcast – Episode 1 with special guest, Premier of South Australia

Discussing Economic Growth, Forest Industries, and Personal Journeys with South Australia's Premier.


In the inaugural episode of the South Strain Forest Products Association’s “Conversations Amongst the Trees,” Nathan sits down with the Premier of South Australia, who recently marked his one-year anniversary in the role. The two discuss the Premier’s tenure, his outlook on the state’s future, and the economic advancements aimed at promoting the health system, emphasising the economic agenda to set the state up for long-term growth. They delve deep into the issues faced by the forestry industry, like the contraction of the plantation estate and the push for more domestic jobs and processing within South Australia. The Premier highlights the significance of increasing tree planting, supported by evidence-based water allocation plans, and sees this as a linchpin for investment confidence in the sector. The conversation also touches on the challenge of boosting population in South Australia, with a focus on skilled migration.


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