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Amongst the Trees – Episode 2 with Channa Seneviratne, Head of Technology and Innovation at Telstra

Exploring the Future of Connectivity: A Conversation with Channa Seneviratne from Telstra


In this episode of SAFPA’s podcast, Nathan welcomes Channa Seneviratne, the Head of technology development and innovation at Telstra. Channa shares his insights into the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape, discussing the shift from 2G to 5G and the potential for 6G in the next decade. He highlights the increasing demand for data, the role of augmented reality, and the future of wearable technology. Channa also delves into the challenges of providing connectivity in regional areas and the strategies Telstra is employing to address these, including a partnership with LeoSat provider OneWeb. The conversation also touches on the potential of AI to automate processes and improve network management.


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