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Women are the Future of Forestry

This International Women’s Day, South Australia’s forest industries are celebrating the thousands of women who work in the sector, a powerful economic driver in regional Australia. 

This year’s theme Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress is putting a spotlight on women’s economic empowerment, a known contributor to thriving communities. We know that when women have equal opportunity to earn, learn and lead there is a very wide positive impact beyond individual businesses and households.  

In 2023 approximately 23% of forest industry employees are women. Year on year we see the percentage of female employees, and women in leadership positions increasing. 

Forest and timber processing businesses in South Australia are doing the work to address employment barriers for women, which incidentally, help men as well. These barriers might include recruitment strategies, workplace flexibility, pay equity and safe workplaces for all. 

“Women are key to ensuring we have a robust and future focused industry in South Australia. Part of the importance of International Women’s Day is demonstrating the wide-ranging roles of women and their successes so that others can be inspired to join the industry”, said Mr Nathan Paine Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Forest Products Association (SAFPA).  

“From CEOs and CFOs, to environmental engineers, sustainable forest managers, sales leads, lawyers, accountants, drivers, safety professionals, ecologists and apprentices, there are thousands of critical, high impact experts making a difference for the industry and Australia.” 

“Outlined by RDA Limestone Coast (March 2022 to July 2022), data indicates there are an average of 79 vacancies every month in forestry, manufacturing and harvest and haulage – meaning there are multiple positions on offer for women to pursue”, continued Mr Paine.  

This International Women’s Day we celebrate the wonderful contributions women have made and continue to make in forestry and, encourage those to take the leap and work for a future-proof industry, like forestry”.  

“Our industry is dedicated to investing in women and continuing to accelerate their valued participation. We will continue to grow women’s participation year on year”, continued Mr Paine.   

“This IWD, SAFPA congratulates all the women involved in our forest and timber industries.  It’s a unique employment experience and with global demand for fibre increasing and the amplified support the industry is receiving from State and Federal Government’s, it’s a career opportunity with no limitations”, concluded Mr Paine.  


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